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Jon Brooks
Saturday, November 1      Social Hour at 6:00/Concert at 7:00
It was in 1997, at 28 years old, and at the end of a year of travelling throughout Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and particularly, throughout war ruined Bosnia-Herzegovina – it was during this time when Jon discovered what kind of song he wanted to write. It was in 2005, 8 years later, he decided he was ready to write and sing that song.

No Mean City, released in 2006, was the first in a trilogy of albums of sparse instrumentation and densely layered poetry – a singular writing style characterized by paradox, understatement, overstatement, and by allusion to Western literary and folk traditions. It was followed by Ours and the Shepherds in 2007 and Moth Nor Rust in 2009. Each album is imprinted with a theme: architecture and homelessness of the modern urban soul; war; and all the things that neither moth nor rust may touch: love, hope, faith, memory, gratitude, trust, inspiration, and forgiveness.

Jon's latest release, Delicate Cages (2011) takes its title from the Robert Bly poem, TAKING THE HANDS: Taking the hands of someone you love/You see they are like delicate cages... 

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Indianapolis, IN

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We present a variety of musical styles, including Folk, Roots, Celtic, Bluegrass and Singer-Songwriters.   We are a “listening room” during the performance; concerts also include a social hour so you can talk with your friends and meet the performers. 
Delicate Cages aims to reveal the complicit natures of good and evil, love and fear, and freedom and imprisonment. The DELICATE CAGES we live within are forms of enslavement - and not all 'cages' are necessarily bad. On his latest and most urgent and accessible collection of songs, Jon Brooks promises freedom to all who choose love over fear. 

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Jon's many honors include winner of the Kerrville Folk New Folk Competition; NPR's Mountain Stage "New Song" award; and has been nominated several times for Canadian Folk Music "English Songwriter of the year." 

Wild Ponies
Sunday, January 25     Social Hour at 5:00/Concert at 6:00
Annie and Rod Capps
Saturday, April 11     Social Hour at 6:00/Concert at 7:00
Tim Grimm
Saturday, May 2     Social Hour at 7:00/Concert at 8:00
Wild Ponies offer dead right, honest songwriting. Headed up by Doug & Telisha Williams, their 2013 release "Things That Used to Shine" (produced by Ray Kennedy) garnered widespread critical acclaim, spent 6 weeks in the top 20 of the Americana Music Association Radio chart.

After moving away from their home in Virginia, they spent a year as homeless troubadours, and finally settled in East Nashville a couple years ago. Since then, they've become a central part of their new community. They co-host the weekly songwriting group called the East Nashville Song Salon; they host Whiskey Wednesdays, a weekly radio show on East Nashville Radio; and if you're wandering around on the east side of the Cumberland you'll have a good chance of catching them at The Family Wash and other local spots. 

They've traveled from Florida to Oregon and Michigan to Texas, hitting 48 US states and six Canadian provinces, captivating audiences with a magnetic and stunning stage presence. They’ve played with some of their most beloved heroes - Lucinda Williams, Darrell Scott, Charlie Louvin, and Joe Ely – and been on stage at Anderson Fair, The Birchmere, The Carolina Theater, Godrey Daniels, Madison Square Park and Floydfest. 

No matter how far they roam, Doug and Telisha always find their way back "home." A place that holds tight to the intricacies and contradictions of life in the south today. A place where old time religion, superstition, rundown bars, gravel parking lots and boarded up factories tell stories that wind up being songs. A place where in just one set, Doug & Telisha can still send audience members to their feet in applause, to their knees in prayer, and back to the bar to buy another beer.
On a musical journey that began in 1982, Annie and Rod Capps have earned sincere praise for their songwriting and musicianship, with two albums topping the Folk-DJ charts and multiple Detroit Music Award nominations. Married in 1994, they’ve cultivated a symbiotic sound that reflects their deep and intuitive understanding of each other, delivering songs about broken things and poignant little ponderings with a rootsy vibe, a touch of twang and a soulful groove.

Annie’s disarming, earthy voice and solid command of her guitar are punctuated by Rod’s effortless, accompaniment and beautiful solo work. Together they weave unforgettable melodies that are at once intricate and sparse – musically completing each others’ sentences.

Over the years, Annie and Rod have done it all; from rock to musical theater and while they continue to draw from a wide range of genres and influences, what comes out is a hybrid sound all their own. Genuine and playful; effortless and endearing; this duo has been enchanting audiences in quality music venues, house concerts, coffeehouses and festivals throughout their home state of Michigan and beyond.

A returning favorite to the "Flying Cat" stage, Tim Grimm is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and actor on stage and screen. Tim and his wife Jan Lucas, who often performs with him, live on an 80-acre farm in southern Indiana. Many of Tim's songs -- rich with descriptive details, and sung with warmth, intimacy, and humor -- tell tales of farm life, relationships with neighbors and community, and rural Indiana. Together, Tim and Jan weave a tapestry of stories, songs and harmonies in a truly magical way. 

He is a music presenter in his hometown of Columbus, IN, where for the past ten years he has hosted The Americana Music Series.  He has composed music for the theatre, most recently The Grapes of Wrath at Asolo Rep in Florida, and continues to work as an actor in film and television. He performs in Festivals, in coffeehouses, in community centers and house concerts across the US, and for the past six years in Europe. He believes in the power of folk, in the spirit of tradition, and the value of culture. Michigan Folk Live has dubbed him, "The Poet Laureate of the rural Midwest."

His most recent album, THE TURNING POINT, debuted at #2 on the Folk DJ charts in January 2014, and Tim was the #2 Artist (behind the dearly departed Pete Seeger.) He has toured and recorded with his friend Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, about whom the song "The King of The Folksingers"  –  the #1 song on the Folk DJ chart in January 2014 – is based.  

Tim is the creative talent behind a variety of collaborative works with an impressive array of musicians, including the 2007 Wilderness Plots project; a series of a tribute shows to music legends, including “Hoosier Dylan,” “Hoosier Hank and Johnny,” “Hoosier Beatles,” and more.  Most recently, he has been a part of two trio groups – THE TALL TREES with Ben Bedford and Diederik van Wassenaer, and THE GOOD BAD LUCKYS with Joe Crookston and Krista Detor. In October of 2014, he was the keynote speaker at Folk Alliance Region Midwest.