Saturday, September 28, 2019
A “Moveable” Flying Cat Concert
The Music Room
House Concert venue near Butler University

Award winning Canadian singer Jon Brooks is a master songwriter, crafting songs that cut across human emotions, from anger and resentment to hope and redemption. Jon’s songs are powerful, drawing you in with imagery and sound to unexpected places. His performance will grab your heart, maybe twist a bit, but leave you rejuvenated with a passion for life.

Jon says about his songs, “I’m proud of the idea of folk [music] as a subversive art form as a way to point people to virtue, to point out the problems, to begin healing a wound by first showing what the wound was to reveal ourselves to each other. And that, to me, was folk, and so I came from the tradition of Woody Guthrie and a lot of the revivalists in the 60s. I wasn’t interested in pathological idealism, but I was interested in folk songs as a subversive and as a positive force.”

Jon Brooks is a true troubadour for our times.